BeezNest presenting Chamilo at e-learning expo in Elche, Spain

Yesterday I was invited by AcroCampus (through recommendation by AEFOL) to talk about Chamilo in Elche (Elx), Alicante, Spain, to a public of around 40 e-learning-savvy people. I brushed along the lines of open source software and its advantages for Peruvian education, then went on (shortly) about Chamilo and what it offered. Image removed.We later discussed the Chamilo platform and a bunch of people told me they were going to try it out this week. Seems like Chamilo actually made it from unknown to popular quite quickly. Most Dokeos users/administrators I'm meeting tell me they're switching soon (some of them are waiting for 1.8.7, to be released very shortly at the time of writing). Presentation of open-source software and Chamilo, in Spanish, available on my Slideshare channel: [slideshare id=4327926&doc=chamilo-187-elche-100527052621-phpapp02]


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This is planned for both 1.8.8 and 2.0. If you would like to accelerate the process, please donate to the project! We need resources to get it to work (reliably)