AELF 2010 - Paris

Image removed.Dear all, As this is my first post as an official member of the Chamilo community please allow me to introduce myself, I am Cedric and I am currently in charge of Business Development at BeezNest. Today was the first day of the AELF show at CNIT, Paris (, which I attended.

Chamilo P@rty 2010, a success

The 7th of July of 2010 will definitely be a date to remember for the Latin American community of Chamilo. Chamilo P@rty only lasted 2h30, yet we had time to
  • discuss open-source tools to manage the education process (by Yannick Warnier, Director, BeezNest) [slides]
  • present the challenges we face everyday in e-learning (by Sergio Correa, Director, NO2) [slides]
  • explain the Chamilo association and the developm