BeezNest and Chamilo

Image removed.So that's it, after leaving Dokeos and starting the Chamilo project, I will now be mostly writing on this blog (here) rather than on this one, and will link the Chamilo-related posts directly to the Chamilo website as soon as I get a chance to play with Feeds on Drupal. Let's make it clear: BeezNest took part in the initialization of a Chamilo foundation so that they would be no unique company behind the name of the product, and so that we could avoid the same problem to occur again and again: the project being forked and loosing all the marketing assets it had because of the impossibility to both respect the open-source character of the software and the commercial aspect of the business made by technical companies around it. It would probably have been much easier for BeezNest to take the property of a new name and launch the new project under that name, but that's not what we want. We want the Chamilo project to produce an open-source software to improve learning all over the world and to compete at equal level with other reknown e-learning software like Moodle, Blackboard products and similar solutions. BeezNest, however, will probably remain, through the excellent job of the BeezNest Latino team (ex-Dokeos Latinoamérica), the most technically active company working on Chamilo. We have done that well for two years now, and we hope we can continue to do so with your support. This blog will slowly transform into a real international technical blog, where you will be able to find information in English, Spanish and French. Some of the articles here will be translated, other won't, but if you would like a translation, don't hesistate to comment and let us know. We'll try our best to do it.