Chamilo on to a real good start, translation module almost ready

Image removed.In just three weeks since the announcement of the split between Dokeos and Chamilo, Chamilo has already received support from many organizations and independents that seem to have thought alike for a long time. We also received about 10 successful patches in this period, which is more than I can remember receiving in the whole year of 2009 for Dokeos. Finally, we've been working a lot this week (kudos to scaramanga and svennie) to get you a brand new translation system that we hope will help you get more productive, faster. For example, you now have a "next untranslated term" icon which lets you do the translation in one straight line, and the possibility to translate to various languages (for those of you who are professional translators, this will probably help you help us a lot more! ;-) Importantly, you can also download, modify and upload translation files which, in combination with the phpLangEditor plugin for Firefox (from one of the developers of Claroline, by the way), will help you get über-efficient. We are also gathering new translators and people that will want to get involved deeply into the translations by taking the role of translation coordinators. Last but not least, Chamilo 1.8.7 will be fully-UTF-8 compliant, which will trigger a massive opening of our community to the East of Europe with known interest from China, Japan, Russia and Arab-writing countries! If you want to know more, just make sure you watch next week!