Ergonomics: The luxury quality of a good LMS

Ergonomics and usability with Chamilo LMS. Sometimes Open Source software gets criticized for lacking behind proprietary software when talking about compelling interfaces. Many people in our community, after spending years with other solutions, describe our software, Chamilo LMS, as the easiest to use and to manage. We would like to take this opportunity to explain what lead us there. This all starts with a simple act: caring about ergonomics from the start.

Chamilo, BeezNest and the Chamilo Association

Understanding the differences between Chamilo (LMS), BeezNest and the Chamilo Association

Truth be told, we didn't do a lot of efforts to make this clear in the past, but as Chamilo LMS growth more popular and the business needs around Chamilo increase considerably, I feel like things should be set straight to avoid confusion and to make sure that anybody can find a valid reference to any answer they might have to give in a speech or a simple meeting with other interested third parties. Let's first proceed chronologically...

Déjà vu: SAP buys SuccessFactors, customers feel in danger

I'm always surprised at how large companies are taking their IT politics too easily, and then are surprised by what happens. Today, Josh Bersin (of Bersin & Associates, a great guy to follow: @Josh_Bersin) published an article on the plans by SAP to buy SuccessFactors (probably the leader in employees performance management software, at least in terms of completeness), and the fact that some customer of Su

Are sales all about knowing what the client doesn't need to know?

In a recent commercial offer to a major electronics provider (that got accepted), I see (for the hosting details):
  • OS: Windows
  • Bandwith: 5GB
  • Max transfer: 500GB
Well, that's kind of a geeks-only post, but honestly, who needs to know the bandwith and max transfer? Just put some random numbers in there (with preferably the wrong unit too) and you're free to go! :-)