Automatically install a signature for all Ximian Evolution accounts

This article was first written in April 2004 for
the BeezNest technical website (
Create the file /etc/evolution-beeznest-signature.skeleton and adapt it to your needs [1]:
Create the file /etc/evolution-gconf-signature.skeleton [

Evolution Mail - Reply with Templates

[digg=] Some of BeezNest's staff were having a hard time coping with requests for information from prospects, so we thought about how to improve the answering time without reducing the reply to an automated system that would just guess what type of answer it needs to do. Using Evolution, the e-mail client and groupware desktop application for GNOME (Linux), we decided to ask one of our relations to develop a simple add-on feature for us that would be the result of our thoughts. Well, it's just got here and we really like i