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I've been looking for a few hours now for a "quick and easy" solution at securing the Dokeos web services, but I have still to go through a whole lot of technical details. Looking for help (at avoiding so much reading work), I have sent an e-mail to the php-general mailing-list, hoping for an answer. Because this e-mail is the result of considerable search efforts, I'm saving it here. Somehow it might very well help somebody trying to do the same...
From:     Yannick Warnier To:     PHP General Subject:     [PHP] Securing web services Date:     Sun, 22 Feb 2009 13:04:37 -0500 Hi there, Another Web Service related question. Obviously, Google gives me enough hints to find *many* documents on the topic (searching for "securing web services"), but I am developing open-source soft and I'd like to secure my web services to the maximum without forcing the user to use HTTPS/SSL (the generation of buying of a certificate is not what our lambda users can do). Following the very nice table on page 32 of using a combination of XML Encryption and XML Signature would provide a cover for almost all security risks related to providing web services. This article: also goes away from the SSL method and *talks* about XML-DSIG and WS-Security, but that's out of PHP context. Finally, the following article talks about NuSOAP and the SetCredentials method, which is probably the closest I can get to secure web services using existing PHP code. Would anybody out here have gotten further and be able to tell me how they did it? Thanks, Yannick
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