Dokeos used on XO/OLPC in primary school, Uruguay

Ana Elena, from Uruguay, sent this video to Dokeos Latinoamérica the other day. We first discussed in a blog comment on the Dokeos Latinoamérica's blog, then I wanted to know more about their project, so this was their answer... [youtube url=] Cute, isn't it? The teacher also explains that the next step for them is to have the parents get into Dokeos as trackers of the children's progress (and that the children actually *want* them to see what they're doing). We have invited them to the Dokeos Users Day America, on the 25th and 26th of June, in Lima, Perú (if you're reading this with interest, then you should come too!)


I'd love to know more about what Dokeos does, and its relevance to XO laptop deployment. In fact, I'd love to have Guest Post from you for OLPC News that includes this video.

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Hi Wayan,

Dokeos has not made direct efforts towards any integration with the OLPC, but we have tried to see a little bit how we could get involved. I am subscribed to the South American mailing list and following the discussions from time to time (although the traffic is a bit too much for me to follow these days). I would personally love to see Dokeos used as the default solution used to provide e-courses on the OLPC, but this has to come as a natural move.
I was first pleased to see that the OLPC supported 1024x768 which is the resolution we try to focus on, and now I'm pretty much trying to gather some info about the use of Dokeos on these. I have made real-world contact with Alfonso de la Guardia who is in charge of OLPC here in Peru, and I consider the video I just received from Uruguay as one of the best presents for my efforts in the Dokeos project. I think it's really lovely to see that people I have never heard of combined the OLPC and a Dokeos install to teach to children. In fact, I had no idea Dokeos was used for primary schools and I am really pleased it is.

This being said, I have also proposed on the OLPC-Sur mailing-list to make a specific effort to increase support for OLPC in Dokeos, but we left it there for now because I had a lot of work from other sources.

I'm writing you an e-mail in private to talk about the OLPC news stuff, but I have no direct right to decide about this video (I'll ask, I don't think they would oppose that). I'd be very pleased to combine such news with a short announcement for our e-learning event in Lima, Peru, where we are inviting the teacher from the video to come and expose his use-case. So much to talk about... :-)

I think a description of your efforts with an announcement of the Peru activity would be perfect for OLPC News