BeezNest announces the release of Chamilo LMS 1.9.10

BeezNest announces the immediate release of the e-learning system Chamilo LMS v1.9.10 Image removed.Open Source and Free Software solutions provider BeezNest, lead editor of the Open Source Chamilo LMS (Learning Management System), just announced the publication of version 1.9.10, the product of 6 months of active development improving previous versions. Spawned from another Open Source LMS in January 2010, Chamilo LMS has experienced exponential growth, the platform being deployed in more than 10,000 organizations and 9M learners worldwide, including large public and private universities, ministries and corporations in more than 180  countries. Chamilo just celebrated its 5th birthday on the 18th of January. Among the numerous improvements in Chamilo LMS 1.9.10:
  • Compliance to accessibility standard WAI/WCAG AAA level
  • Enhanced adaptative interface for use through modern mobile devices
  • SMS sending plugin, making it a great choice for the African continent
  • Translations to Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese
  • Improved skills management system (soon to be coupled with OpenBadges)
  • REST API allowing for mobile phone apps to get messages data securely
  • Total campus size checker for hosting companies
  • Softaculous and Installatron installers, allowing for easy web panel installation
You can try it out free at About Chamilo Chamilo LMS is a fully-featured Open Source, efficient, interoperable and user friendly Learning Management System (LMS) that includes a social network, a file management system, SCORM 1.2 compatibility, course creation, agenda, forums and chat, and is available in 45 languages. It is reknown for its ease of use, generating considerable savings in operation costs and increased motivation for learners and tutors alike. Chamilo LMS is published by BeezNest with the regular contributions of its Open Source community. Find out more at the Chamilo Association's website: About BeezNest BeezNest is an Open Source solutions provider with more than 10 years experience offering hosting solutions, bespoke web applications development, developer training, and support for e-learning and knowledge management solutions. BeezNest has professionals working from Belgium, France, Spain, Peru and Mexico. Solutions based on Chamilo and provided by BeezNest benefit from timely updates, new features, enhanced security, scalability and reliability. Find out more at the corporate website: http://localhost/projects/wp_beez Contact Information BeezNest Yannick Warnier