Fixes for Gallery 2 French translation in module 'core'

After years using G2, I finally fixed the fr.po for core module and submitted it to latest registered French translator of Gallery2 several weeks again. After review, he encoded the following tracker on for everybody to benefit from it, even if no G2 update is ever published again:

As G2 is using gettext, updating it it fairly easy.


OpenERP - Studying, contributing and providing services

Following an internal meeting at BeezNest, we decided to officially provide services for OpenERP before the end of the year, through an official partnership with Tiny SPRL, the company behind the product. We found a lot of little bugs and usability problems, and submitted our first bug report following the little comment by Stéphane Wirtel, one of our acquaintances (through other channels than OpenERP) and an official employee of Tiny SPRL (as a developer of OpenERP). However, and although we found these bugs and usability problems

Evolution Mail - Reply with Templates

[digg=] Some of BeezNest's staff were having a hard time coping with requests for information from prospects, so we thought about how to improve the answering time without reducing the reply to an automated system that would just guess what type of answer it needs to do. Using Evolution, the e-mail client and groupware desktop application for GNOME (Linux), we decided to ask one of our relations to develop a simple add-on feature for us that would be the result of our thoughts. Well, it's just got here and we really like i