Server stalled on Loading Kernel Modules without chroot – What to do?

Today we had a server stalled on “Loading kernel modules” at reboot (after adding 12GB of RAM, to 24GB total). The datacenter didn’t know what to do and they put us on a 32-bit rescue mode console from which we…

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VirtualBox and Ubuntu packages

VirtualBox is a very practical application running under Linux systems, and packaged into Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron, that lets you virtualise an operating system. A bit in the same way as QEmu did it, except that, to make it short,…

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HOWTO Build a Linux kernel module out-of-tree

This article is incomplete and was first written in June 2006 for the BeezNest technical website ( It could happen that you badly need to use a newer kernel module than what is present on your existing Linux kernel (2.6.x),…

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