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So much more than hosting packs

You know it only too well: Managing a remote learning platform can be very time-consuming, or even nerve-wrecking if you don’t use good practices!

BeezNest offers hosting solutions with a series of services to optimize the time you spend managing your LMS! Hosting packs enriched with vitamins to boost your Chamilo use.

Our goal: to allow your team to spend more time on pedagogy and leave the technical support to our team of Chamilo experts.

We offer many types of packages:

  • Chamilo Starter for up to 500 users
  • Chamilo Pro for up to 1000 users
  • Chamilo HR/Skillms for up to 1000 users w/ talent & HR mgmt
  • Chamilo School & Chamilo University for institutions
  • Chamilo eGov for all governmental needs

Technologies we use:

Hosting solutions
Chamilo Starter Chamilo PRO Chamilo HR (Skillms)
Latest version of Chamilo Yes Yes Yes
Online 24/7 Yes Yes Yes
Minimum availability 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Courses limit 100 200 Unlimited
Users limit 500 1000 1500
Sessions limit 1000 10000 Unlimited
Storage (GB) 25 50 100
Transfer Uncapped @100Mbps Uncapped @100Mbps Uncapped @100Mbps
Backup Weekly Daily Daily
Domain name Custom Custom Custom
TLS/SSL Yes Yes Yes
Security watch Yes
Videoconference rooms Max 20 users Max 40 users
BeezNest Support 3h/month 2°line**
(8×5, all year)
Unlimited 2°line**
(8×5, all year)
Unlimited 2°line**
(8×5, all year)
Branding Only logo Yes Yes
Online training 0.5 day 1.0 day
Validation environment Yes
HR and talent management tools Yes
Price Price Price
349 €/month*** 499 €/month*** 1999 €/month***

* Some of our solutions, like “Skalatest” have different feature sets and characteristics, which is why they are not all listed here.

** 2nd line support doesn’ include development. 3rd line support time can be obtained through additional support contracts of 20, 50 or 100h and include development of small features without formal budgeting and analysis, for shorter development times.

*** Prices are expressed without taxes. We invoice from Europe. Please check with your administration about taxes that may apply to you.

**** Subscribing to a more extended videoconference service compatible with Chamilo can be done through or

Frequent questions about our plans

How long will it take before I have a running portal

Our implementation times vary depending on the type of configuration you need. For the basic plans, usually your portal will be ready in less than 24h of payment. Complex setups with integrations and custom developments might take up to 90 days, but we usually provide you with a temporary portal where you can already create your content while we work on your final portal.

How can I pay?

At this time, we still have a "manual" bank payment process, as most of our setups require a conversation with you to make sure you get what you expect.<br /> We do have bank accounts in different countries and different currencies and we will offer you what seems the best for you.

What is the shortest period I can ask a hosting plan for?

We ask for a minimum of 3 months. Setting up your portal will require some time and expenses we only cover after some time.

Do you offer courses?

We can build online courses for you, but this service is not included in our hosting plans.

Do you manage e-mail accounts?

Although we will configure your portal to send e-mails using a common e-mail address and we might (depending on your plan) manage your domain name, we do *not* offer e-mail boxes. Alternative solutions will be discussed once your plan is getting set up.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Yes. Depending on your needs, we will help you in the process. As long as one of our plans fits your needs and you have covered the minimum service time, we're happy to move you from one to another.

At what frequency do I need to pay?

You can either pay annually or monthly. For monthly payments, we ask you to set an automated payment up.

If I want to move away from your services, can I get my data back?

Yes, your data is your data. We will provide you with a "dump" of your data that you can use to configure a new portal with another provider.

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